I know I'm not alone here. I have a decent amount of art books, and I RARELY go through them after I've bought them. It has felt more like a collection than a source of inspiration and creativity.  Some are still even wrapped! 

That stops now. I will be going through at least one art book a week and posting some of my general thoughts about them, in hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

I'm starting with my OG art book: SPECTRUM 7!

The worn out cover (notice the label left on from the school libraery) 

I first saw this as a freshman in high school. My friend Riley and I used to take turns checking this book out...we pretty much always had it. I've gone though this book so many times in the past, but it has been years now since I have opened it last. So much inspiration came from this book for me. At the time, it was one of the best and only ways to see concept art, fantasy, and sci-fi illustrations... and even early digital work. 

One of us eventually stole it from my high school's library and I ended up with it.....sorry EHS! 


A page I remember fondly 

One of the coolest things I noticed while flipping through the book was the amount of artists I've met and worked with years later. 'Lil Devon never could believe that he would be able to meet and hang out with the likes of Syd Mead, Robh Ruppel , Phil Hale, or even work with the great Mr. Brian Horton.

My past art director Brian Horton showing how its done back in the day.

My favorite part of the prequels... when Obiwan and Mace fought through Naboo?!

I remember this page... for some good reasons. 

Phil Hale's work always stood out. 

This image always stood out to me. Not even totally sure what is happening, or what the perspective even is... but the mood and tone always stuck with me. 

That's it for this week.  I hope this will inspire some of you to open those art books, get inspired, and create some cool shit. 


-Devon Fay